Construction Materials Quality Control

ORTAM’s team of highly trained professionals will make detailed observations and conduct a variety of tests, both on-site and in accredited labs, to verify that construction materials are of the highest quality.

Construction Material Quality Control Services

The quality control of construction materials ensures, through strictly designed processes and procedures, that all materials meet high standards of safety and sustainability while meeting the criteria put in place during the planning stages of the process.

During construction, our team of highly trained professionals will make detailed observations and conduct a variety of tests, both on-site and in accredited labs, to verify that materials are of the highest quality.

Geotechnical Testing

Our team can inspect and verify the quality of several items typically used in construction projects, and we offer a variety of quality control services, including;


Control and testing of concrete, mortar, grout, brick, asphalt, gravel, soil, recycled materials, stabilized materials, membrane, epoxy, etc.


Verification of formulas for mixing concrete


Lab tests of hardened concrete


On site tests of fresh concrete


In-depth inspection and verification of concrete structures in multi-storey parking lots


CSA (Canadian Standards Association ) and BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec )laboratory testing


Asphalt casting control by infrared thermography


Material engineering; verification/approbation of technical protocols for gravel and concrete


Gravel expertise


Pyrite testing


Pyrrhotite detection and expertise


Inspection over water infiltration, drains, roofs, etc.


Roof and membranes inspection through visual inspection, thermography, nuclear hygrometer, water tightness testing by certified inspectors

Our Commitment to You

ORTAM’s wide range of specialized services and team of highly trained professionals has made us industry experts when it comes to Construction Materials Quality Control. We provide solutions and expertise in every aspect of our collaboration with clients. We work with cities, municipalities, real estate developers and brokers, insurance companies, and many other people in many industries to achieve their goals and complete their projects.

Keeping you at the forefront

Our team is always focused on service, and as such we are always focused on you. Our plan, budget and goals are always laid out at the outset of your project, and entirely transparent, keeping you in the loop all the way through to the finish.

Multi disciplinary team

Our diverse team is well-versed in all aspects of Construction Materials Quality Control. Our wide range of specialists and experts, drawing on their vast expertise, provide you with the best and most comprehensive service when it comes to quality assurance.


We are constantly updating our practices and exploring the newest technologies to ensure we are on the leading edge of Construction Materials Quality Control. With the safest and most precise methods at our disposal, we can assure this aspect of your project is handled with the utmost care and effectiveness.


With a combined 100 years of experience and over 25,000 projects completed, there isn’t anything we haven’t experienced in this field. Our experience means that you are getting the best possible service at all times.

Construction Materials Quality Control in 3 Steps

ORTAM provides effective and efficient quality control for construction materials through a proven, reliable process that ensures the building blocks of your project are of the highest value.

1 - Site Visit

Our qualified personnel visit the site, review all relevant data and the scope of your project, and develop a plan to monitor and evaluate the materials in use.

2 - Testing

Through a combination of in-depth visual inspection, surveillance, on-site and laboratory testing, and chemical analysis, we evaluate the quality of your construction materials.

3 - Follow up & RESULTS

Based on the results of our quality control tests, we will provide timely, and detailed reporting on the quality of all evaluated materials. And we will offer recommendations on how best to maintain optimal conditions going forward for your project.

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