Construction Cost Consulting

With budgeting and cost management fundamentals in place at the outset, you maintain better control over costing as the project rolls out, with fewer surprises.


Construction Cost Consulting Services

The establishment of sound budgeting and the identification and mitigation of cost risks are fundamental to the completion of a successful construction project. With budgeting and cost management fundamentals in place at the outset, you maintain better control over cost as the project rolls out, with fewer surprises.

Our cost consulting specialists can intervene early in the process, to help you navigate the requirements of loan commitments between the developer and financial institutions. Our consultants offer analysis and planning to keep your project on track, and on budget.

Cost Consulting Services

Our consultancy services are divided into two distinct parts to provide you with the most comprehensive and robust financial overview. The first part is the analysis stage. In the second phase, we provide thorough reporting. Among the cost consultancy services we provide are:


Analysis of the overall cost of the project, including the construction budget


Analysis of market costs


Reporting on progress related to payments


Ascertaining the value of the work performed and invoiced to date


Overall assessment of the project

Our Commitment to You

ORTAM’s wide range of specialized services and team of highly trained professionals has made us industry experts when it comes to Construction Cost Consulting Services. We provide solutions and expertise in every aspect of our collaboration with clients. We work with cities, municipalities, real estate developers and brokers, insurance companies, and many other people in many industries to achieve their goals and complete their projects.

Keeping you at the forefront

Exceptional customer service is at the core of everything we do. We believe in total transparency, every step of the way, and ensure that a plan, budget and goals are always laid out at the outset of your project. We are always available to answer questions and keep you in the loop all the way.

Multi disciplinary team

Our team is a diverse collection of experts and specialists, well versed in all aspects of cost consultancy. Our group can draw on a wide catalouge of skills to effectively handle and guide all the components of a successful project.


We are constantly updating our practices to ensure we have the most innovative techniques available to you. By drawing on these ultra-modern methods, we will keep your cost consulting project on course, with the most efficient means.


With a combined 100 years of experience and over 25,000 projects completed, we have the knowhow and the experience when it comes to Construction Cost Consultancy. We have the experience to anticipate and resolve common issues that may arise, and to complete your project effectively.

Construction Cost Consulting in 3 Steps

ORTAM can provide an extensive range of consultancy services designed to help you keep your project in line with your finances. Talk to us today!

1 - COnstulation/ Meeting

Connect with our construction cost consultants to get started. Our specialists will gather everything they need from you about the size of your project, as well as the initial financial costs.

2 - Analysis

Using proven methodology and comprehensive evaluation tools, we analyze the costs, while factoring in any recommendations or feedback from you about the project needs.

3 - Reporting

Following our in-depth analysis, we deliver a timely and detailed report on all aspects of the costs, including an examination of contingency reserves for unseen costs.

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