Building Facade Inspection

ORTAM’s competitively priced inspection services will ensure that your property is fully compliant with these regulations, and deliver the results in a timely fashion.

Building Facade Inspection SERVICES

 In Quebec, multi-level parking structures are subjected to the harsh and harmful impact of frost-defrost cycles, de-icing salts, and many other abrasive conditions during winter months. This is why, since 2013 under Loi 122, la Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), all facades of buildings with 5 or more storeys and their garages, as well as all the elements attached to them, must be inspected every 5 years. The methodology for this study is based on the guidelines in the guides entitled “Explanatory guide to facade maintenance requirements” and “ASTM E2270”.

Inspection elements

A building facade inspection includes visual and tactile observations, designed to detect physical deficiencies, and the presence of apparent defects or materials that will damage the physical condition of the structure. Adhering to a strict methodology that complies with federal and provincial guidelines, the report will contain the following:


Photographic appendix


The location of any defect and/or observed deficiencies


A description of repair/remedial works required to remedy detected issues


A summary confirming that the parking/facade does not present a dangerous condition, and if does, confirming that the property owner has been advised of the conditions

Our Commitment to You

ORTAM is an industry expert in Building Facade and Parking Inspection Services. Services. We provide solutions and expertise in every aspect of our collaboration with clients. We work with property owners, building developers and anyone having received an inspection mandate form the RBQ.

Keeping you at the forefront

Our team is always focused on service, and as such we are always focused on you. Our plan, budget and goals are always laid out at the outset of your project, and entirely transparent, keeping you in the loop all the way through to the finish.

Multi disciplinary team

Our diverse and experienced team is fully equipped to handle all aspects of the inspection process. By working with us, you are working with a trusted team of experts that have the wide range of skills and knowledge specific to building facades and parking inspections.


If some parts of a property are beyond the reach of visual inspections, we employ top of the line drone technology to explore the areas, in detail, to complete the inspection.


With a combined 100 years of experience and over 25,25 000 projects completed, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen (or dealt with). Our experience means that you are getting the best possible service at all times.

Building and Facade Inspection Services in 3 Steps

ORTAM can provide an extensive range of facade inspection services designed to satisfy all regulatory requirements and ensure maximum safety in your building. Talk to us today!

1 - Consultation/ Meeting

Connect with our facade inspection professionals. Our specialists will gather everything they need from you about the requirements of the inspection.

2 - Inspection

We visit your property and conduct the inspection.


Following our in-depth inspection, a report of the study’s findings is presented within 10- 15 working days of the site visit. The report will include plans with annotations, recommendations, and a cost breakdown.

What our clients are saying

Thank you for your excellent work and all the professionalism of your team.

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